Hello! I'm Ingrid and I work with graphic design & digital marketing.

Here are the areas in which I can offer assistance.

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Graphic Design

Everything from logo and branding design and marketing materials, to publishing design, web design and even résumé design, I can create beautiful assets for you or your business. 

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DIGITAL Marketing

Digital marketing and social media can be daunting, especially for small businesses. I can help you create and manage social media accounts and advertisements, digital marketing campaigns and more. 

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Website Support

I can help you create a website that is easy to use, easy to manage and shows off your business.  I can offer ongoing website support, or create it for you to manage yourself. 

Complete rebranding & marketing campaign for a resort


For this project, I created all the necessary promotional material for Mineral Springs Resort. This resort had recently undergone a change of ownership, management, and name, but had nothing more than a logo to reflect that change. With the new branding and advertising, the goal was to elevate the brand image and raise brand awareness. In order to achieve my goals with this project, I designed a new logo, advertisements for multiple locations, business cards, rack cards, a new website and created a social media presence.

The new logo is an evolution of the previous logo. It retains the spiral shapes and the curves of the original, but utilizes a more professional typeface and evokes the image of the water with the lines underneath. This logo elevates and unifies the brand. The blue was chosen because the resort is highlighting its use of the mineral springs, and it is on an ocean beach. 
The new website (www.mineralspringsresort.com) is an essential part of this resort rebranding. A very large portion of reservations and interest in the hotel come from the website. The new website is very focused on the photography. Each page has a large photo in the background that rotates through on a constant slideshow of the best photos. The pages include information about each aspect of the resort, such as the spa, the chalets, the mineral water. 
Perhaps the largest part of this effort is the marketing. The first step in the advertising effort was to create 3 multi-use ads that could be used in a multitude of venues. They can be used in bus shelters, or in magazines, billboards, BC Ferries posters, and boards, anywhere. The ads themselves focus mainly on the photos and the peacefulness of the resort. The first 2 lines of text on each ad speak to a feature shown in the photo and the third line is the same across all ads: the perfect es¬cape. This resort will be marketed as an escape from the stresses of everyday life, an escape from the city.
This is an example of how the advertisements can be applied in a printed publication. 

Page layout for publishing projects


Creating bold, eye-catching and engaging page layouts is some of my favourite design work to do. Whether it’s a multipage magazine or booklet, a poster or flyer, page layout is an important factor in ensuring your audience is captured and engaged by your content. I have worked with several clients and project concerning page layout. This section includes examples from a magazine I created, a page layout project raising awareness for a social cause, and posters created for a client.



Business Cards, Posters, and Other Marketing Collateral


The Salt Spring Arts Council hosts an artist gallery and gift shop every summer to showcase local artists and artisans. I created the promotional materials for their showcases and gallery. I also did several advertisements for web and local print publications, as well as new business cards.




Integrated Digital Marketing Plan for Landyachtz


In a digital marketing class at BCIT, my team was tasked with creating an integrated digital marketing plan for Landychtz Longboards. This plan began with identifying the primary and secondary target markets, completing an in-depth SWOT analysis of the company, and website and SEO audits, as well as an analysis of their email marketing and social media networks. From this analysis, we were able to set some clear goals and identify areas for improvement.

Our goals were as follows:

1.     Strengthen the website, SEO and SEM to improve website traffic and web sales

2.     Integrate branding across all platforms to ensure a consistent voice

3.     Improve email and social media marketing to increase brand engagement

4.     Create a Google Adwords campaign to increase website traffic and web sales

After setting these goals, we also set clear objectives and created a strategic plan of action in order to meet our goals. This plan of action included details on social media and email marketing, Google Adwords campaigns and landing pages, step by step tactics to meet each goal and objective, continuous improvement strategies and KPIs, as well as a plan for integrated offline marketing strategies.

Here you can see sample pages from our final plan, as well as examples of emails from the email marketing campaign. 

*All images were taken from Landyachtz website in order to demonstrate our ideas. Final booklet design by Jelena Sarcevic*


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LY Tactics.jpg

Creating beautiful résumés for job seekers


Résumé design is one of my favourite types of design. I love taking a basic word document with a person's skills and experience and turning it into a beautiful, expressive piece showcasing a personality and catching the eyes of potential employers.  



For this client, I created two versions. This first one is bold and impactful, to help it stand out. His name and information are clearly displayed on black, along with his references. Because this client is a student and does not have a lot of work experience, I decided to create a skills-based resume. This highlights his skills as an employee, his education, and his achievements, instead of focusing on past positions.  *All names and information have been changed for privacy reasons*
This is a second version I created for the same client. This one is also a skills-based resume, highlighting his education, skills, and achievements. This one is a simpler version, and less bold. I created two versions because I wanted this client to be able to choose which one suited him best and have options for applying to different kinds of positions.  *All names and information have been changed for privacy reasons*
This is a second resume I created for myself for jobs not related to graphic design. This neat, clean design focuses on my experience and skills in each position. It is clear and displays all the information a potential employer will look for in a pleasing and readable way.
I created this resume for a recently graduated Chemistry student. This resume balances the emphasis on her industry-applicable skills and experience. The colour blocking helps it to stand out and provides some definition to the sections. I also created a black and white version of the same resume for applications where she may not want to use bright colours.   *All names and information changed for privacy reasons.*